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-Do I need a reservation?
No, its first come first served. Tickets are sold at the door when you arrive.

-How many people can fit on a trailer?
We have two trailers. One holds 14 shooters and another holds 30 shooters

-How much is it if i want to just ride on the trailer and not shoot?
We do not offer the ability to go onto the ride without sitting at a paintball gun and shooting. Everyone must purchase a paintball ticket in order to get onto the ride.

-Any age limits?
No! We have had three year olds go on and have a blast! We just ask that your children are not easily scared. 

Is your Zombie Paintball Ride handicap accessible?
Yes! We have one trailer that you can secure a wheelchair to, right in front of the guns so you can shoot!

-Can I buy tickets online?

No, we currently do not offer the option to buy tickets online. When you arrive at Undead Acres you will buy your tickets on site. 

-Do you accept credit cards?

Yes! We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. 3% fee will be added to all purchases made with a credit card.

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